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Health JIFs for Public Entities

Is Your Health Insurance Plan Financially Fit?
Rising employee benefit expenses have placed an increased burden on municipalities and government agencies across the country. Across the board, entities are pressured to do more, with less. But that doesn’t mean your programs and services must suffer as a result. A proven way to combat rising costs is through the use of a Health Joint Insurance Fund (HIF), which gives entities more influence on the market and more leverage to get more in return. Click here to read more.

BeneFit Health & Wellness Self Evaluation

How does your company measure up?
Across the country, leading businesses are implementing innovative programs to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and gain control of chronic diseases. Today, increasing the health of your workforce means increasing productivity, decreasing costs and, ultimately, increasing your bottom line. PERMA can help you get there with our unique Health & Wellness Program called BeneFit. Click here to read more.

The Importance of Health Insurance Funds

The HIF model
Using a “shared services” concept for healthcare and employee benefits delivery, HIFs provide an organized framework for schools to band together with other local schools, and even municipalities, to procure more affordable employee benefits. Click here to read more.

Benefits ALERT

Start Saving!
Joining a PERMA Health JIF protects you against large premium spikes and the uncertainty associated with other coverage options. With a PERMA Health JIF, you control the process, you control the products and you control the outcome. Get the facts! Click here to read more.