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PERMA has taken the lead to address other risk control issues that impact local government.

  • Child Abuse: PERMA is completing a new program to teach local government officials, employees and volunteers how to identify and prevent child abuse including sexual molestation.
  • Ethics Training: Ethical lapses often lead to costly litigation against local governments. PERMA wrote one of the most commonly used ethics courses in the state and has conducted this program for 4,000 local officials to date. A recorded version of the ethics program can be viewed online on the MEL website.
  • Employment Practices: Almost daily, various governmental entities are named in employment practices lawsuits. To address this issue, every two years PERMA updates the model employment practices risk control program that has now been adopted by over half of the local units in the state. This program includes a model policy and procedures manual as well as model training programs for senior management and online anti-harassment training programs for all other employees. Annually, over 1,500 local elected officials complete risk management training conducted around the state by the MEL. This has resulted in a vast improvement in the compliance levels of basic personnel procedures.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Because New Jersey has the highest number of vehicles per road mile, it has an especially serious problem with pedestrian safety. PERMA developed a program to assist local officials address this issue.
  • Crossing Guards: PERMA led the development of a crossing guard safety training program with the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • Storm Water Management: When the state required local officials and employees to complete storm water management training, it lacked the funds to develop the program. The E-JIF wrote and produced a one-hour video that was distributed to all members and also made available to non-members. In fact, the Department of Environmental Protection website directly links to the MEL website.
  • Cyber Risk Management: In conjunction with Rutgers, the MEL has produced a comprehensive cyber risk control program specifically designed for the needs of local government. This includes an online training program for all officials and employees.