About Us

PERMA helped organize the first joint insurance fund (JIF) for New Jersey municipalities. Today, PERMA administers 17 various types of property & casualty JIFs. 554 of PERMA’s 603 clients have been with the firm for at least 10 years.

PERMA is recognized for its leadership and innovation, including:

  1. The first municipal joint insurance fund (JIF) for property & casualty in New Jersey and one of the earliest in the country: Since 1985, this program has saved taxpayers over $4 billion. The Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund (MEL) and its affiliated JIFs have an annual budget of $250 million.
  2. The first employee benefits JIF program in New Jersey: Since 1992, this program has saved the taxpayers over a billion dollars. Today, PERMA’s public entity clients provide healthcare benefits for over 200,000 individuals.
  3. The first JIF program for New Jersey counties: The New Jersey Counties Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund (CEL) began offering broad property & casualty coverage in 2010. The CEL currently insures 10 counties and has saved taxpayers $85 million. 
  4. An environmental liability JIF: This program, known as the E-JIF, provides public entities in New Jersey with the most comprehensive environmental coverage in the country.
  5. A cyber-JIF that provides both insurance coverage and comprehensive risk control services to 403 municipalities. 
  6. Risk Control and Safety Programming: PERMA runs a safety institute that trains over 70,000 workers each year across a wide range of risk control topics. 
  7. The first state-wide electric and natural gas cooperative for governmental entities: The Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting (SEM) is a governmental entity that was formed in 2009 and currently has 209 members including 168 municipalities. To date, the SEM has saved taxpayers $40 million.