Risk Control

Through J.A. Montgomery Consulting, a Conner Strong & Buckelew affiliate, programs administered by PERMA are recognized for their emphasis on risk control. Clients that have been with us 10 years or longer report their accident frequencies decreased by an average of more than 65%.

  • Loss Trend Analysis: The most effective way to begin a risk control program is to track accident rates each month and circulate the results to both senior and line management. We also research benchmarks so our clients can compare their results against appropriate industry standards.
  • Risk Control Surveys and Risk Review: J.A. Montgomery Consulting conducts over 1,250 onsite facility inspections each year.
  • Management and Employee Training: Each year, J.A. Montgomery Consulting trains thousands of managers and employees on a variety of subjects within safety, risk control and employment practices. They also produce customized risk control videos and online training programs from the initial script through final edit.
  • Law Enforcement: One of the most serious exposures for government at all levels is law enforcement. One-third of J.A. Montgomery Consulting’s staff are retired command police officers who have first-hand knowledge of exposures and can communicate with law enforcement professionals.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The cost and headaches of complying with complicated and often burdensome government regulations can be a nightmare. J.A. Montgomery Consulting’s staff has decades of experience working with PEOSH and many other federal and state agencies. J.A. Montgomery Consulting offers telephone consultation services to all clients and provides simulated compliance audits and OSHA intervention services.