Health JIFs

Across the country, government agencies and municipalities are struggling to cope with rising employee benefit expenses. One of the most efficient ways to confront these increases is through Health Insurance Funds (HIFs). PERMA administers more HIFs than any other manager in the entire country.

HIFs are a successful tactic because individual public entities on their own have little bargaining power. This is especially true in smaller municipalities and government agencies. As part of a joint fund, these public entities wield more influence on the marketplace and therefore are better leveraged to receive more in return.

There are currently nine funds managed by PERMA, providing every eligible municipality and public entity in New Jersey an opportunity to benefit from the shared-services model.

The nine Health JIFs managed by PERMA are:

  • Central Jersey Fund
  • Gateway BMED Fund
  • Municipal Reinsurance Fund
  • Northern New Jersey Health JIF
  • Schools Health Insurance Fund
  • Southern Coastal Fund
  • Southern Jersey Fund
  • Southern Skylands Fund
  • Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund

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