The programs administered by PERMA substantially exceed the requirements for transparency. Members and taxpayers can gain exposure of the JIFs activities in the following ways:

  • Public Meeting Notices: JIF public meeting notices are posted on the bulletin boards of all member local governments.
  • Newspapers: All public meeting notices, requests for completive proposals, contract awards and budgets are published in local papers. The MEL’s notices are published in four papers: The Star Ledger, Atlantic City Press, Asbury Park Press and the Courier Post.
  • Website: All notices are also posted on the websites maintained by the JIFs. The MEL’s website,, is also a comprehensive resource site that averages between 9,000 and 15,000 visits per month. Web analytics show it is extensively used both inside and outside New Jersey.
  • OPRA Requests: The JIFs administered by PERMA respond to an average of 85 OPRA requests each year.
  • Annual Report: Each year, the MEL distributes 5,000 copies of its annual report.
  • Elected Officials Seminars: Each year, over 1,500 elected officials attend training conducted by the MEL. Topics include:
    • Employment Practices
    • Employee Safety
    • NJ Local Officials Ethics Act
    • Land Use Liability
    • Preventing Child Abuse