Why it Works

The Mechanics of a Health JIF

A JIF works because it offers cost savings, yet allows entities to maintain self-control. Each entity pays a rate based on their entry claim costs; from then, entities receive the same pooled rate change. The monthly rate includes all aspects of program costs-simplifying the process and ensuring a consistent product. Also, a representative from each entity serves as a Commissioner on the Fund and assists in running the JIF.

JIF Features:

  • Rates and finances are independently set by a certified actuary
  • Operates with total transparency
  • Each entity maintains their own level of coverage ensuring “equal to or better than” benefit equity
  • Self-insured with re-insurance protection to address large claims
  • Fund commissioners meet to discuss best practices and performance results

The following aspects of the Health JIF are managed and overseen by PERMA:

  • Select insurance carrier and networks
  • Perform vendor management and negotiations
  • Provide consulting and brokerage services
  • Perform data analysis and financial reporting
  • Handle employee education and service
  • Manage employee and dependent advocacy services
  • Oversee financial performance of the Fund
  • Provide centralized and consolidated billing
  • Direct enrollment, billing and COBRA administration
  • Perform state and regulatory filings

To learn more or find out if a PERMA Health JIF is right for you, email us at healthjifs@permainc.com.