Wellness Programs

Are Your Employees Engaged in Their Health?

If the answer is no, they’re likely not engaged in their jobs either – a real business issue in today’s day and age where employee engagement is directly related to your entity’s bottom line. That’s where we step in.

At PERMA, we know healthy employees not only have better attitudes and higher energy levels than their unfit counterparts, but are more productive on the job. However, engaging an inactive workforce takes more than offering discounted gym memberships or bringing in a nutritionist for a lunchtime session.

Each Health Insurance Fund across the State offers a multitude of wellness oriented programs to be offered to the employees of the municipal and board of education members. Most Funds include a health budget to be used towards individual grant programs, onsite- wellness coaches, local health fairs, etc.

An active wellness program not only increases the health of your employees; it increases the health of your bottom line as well. To determine the best plan for your entity, Funds have access to knowledgeable wellness professionals that will work with a wellness ambassador to execute an efficient, well targeted program. Beginning with an analysis of your entity’s demographics, culture and environment, the Funds will develop a tailored wellness and engagement program.