Leaders in Governmental Risk Management

PERMA helped organize the first municipal joint insurance fund (JIF) in NJ and administers 17 property & casualty JIFs plus 10 health JIFs and 8 county insurance commissions.

  • PERMA-administered JIFs are recognized for their effective safety programs as well as progressive wellness and population health programs.
  • PERMA-administered JIFs have the lowest administrative costs in the business.
  • PERMA’s programs are operated with the highest standards of financial strength. 

Both property & casualty and health joint insurance funds are closely regulated governmental entities that only insure local governments. They are controlled by member-appointed commissioners who make all program decisions. Fund meetings are open to the public and subject to the Open Public Meetings Act and the Open Public Records Act. All contracts are open to competitive quotations.


Risk Management

A carefully designed risk management program is the key to controlling insurance costs.

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PERMA helps JIF Commissioners substantially exceed the highest standards for the governance.

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Property & Casualty JIFs

JIFs are a cornerstone of local government insurance in New Jersey.

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Health JIFs

A healthy workforce is a basic pillar of a successful public entity.

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Resource Center

Click to read how PERMA has developed numerous special programs to help local governments address issues that directly impact the public.

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