Benefit Captive Solutions

Benefit Captive Solutions

Does your benefits program give the greatest ROI?

Traditionally, businesses see their benefits program as a line-item expense with limited return. And, for the most part, many businesses only consider traditional insurance programs when evaluating their options.

At PERMA, we believe some traditions were made to be broken. For each client, we do a thorough analysis of their needs and determine which insurance program is right for them - traditional or alternative programs, including captives. After all, we believe the right insurance program - whether for property and casualty or for health - will deliver a true return on investment.

Unlike a traditional, fixed-cost health insurance plan, a captive is an alternative program that allows your organization to hold the profits generally earned by insurance carriers when losses are low.  As a captive member, you can also expect to do more with less. That means you will typically receive broader and more comprehensive healthcare insurance coverage at equal-to or lesser-than your current costs. This is particularly true if your needs are more complex than traditional plans are able to handle.

If a captive makes financial sense for your organization, you can expect to see a healthier bottom line, while you earn investment income. Other benefits of captives include:

Greater control over your benefits plan design

  • Greater transparency of the plan and your claims
  • Increased profits and improved bottom line
  • Improved health of employees
  • Greater access to best-in-class safety services
  • Enhanced loss protection services
  • Greater access to premiere claims management division

There are many kinds of captives, each benefiting different types of organizations. At PERMA, we offer you access to our private label Benefits Stop-Loss Captive - Paradigm Health.

Click here to learn more about Paradigm Health or email us at to determine which solution is right for you.