Captive Services

Captive Services

It's important to have the right insurance program for your organization.  At PERMA, we believe your insurance program should be more than another line-item expense, it should offer you a true return on your investment.  That's why we specialize in offering alternatives to traditional insurance plans including captives.

A captive is an alternative program that allows your organization to hold the profits typically earned by insurance carriers when losses are low.  Captives meet complex needs - typically offering you more coverage for costs equal-to or lesser-than what you would currently pay under a traditional plan. 

With a captive insurance program you have:

  • Greater control over your insurance program
  • Greater program and claims transparency
  • Increased profits and an improved bottom line
  • Enhanced loss protection services
  • Greater access to premiere claims and management services

Click here to learn more about our P&C Captive programs - Parent Captives, Segregated Cell (Rental) Captives, and Group Captives - and to see which program fits your needs.

Click here to find out if our stop-loss Benefits Captive, Paradigm Health, is right for you.